The Preserve at the Clam Farm
is Luxury Living

Imagine coming home to a place where the sunsets are always beautiful, the breezes are glorious, and life seems better with every minute that passes. Every window delivers the gentle sound of reeds rustling and water lapping, and around every corner is another breathtaking view. Life at The Preserve at the Clam Farm is everything you’ve always wanted it to be. Peace, quiet, and the beauty of the Lowcountry at your door.

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 Whether you’re looking for a three-bedroom or four-bedroom home, our floor plans let you experience the beauty of the Lowcountry in every room.
These homes built amongst the marshlands and forest are constructed by expert builders, and filled with elegant details made with the highest quality materials. 
Beaches, marshes, shopping, restaurants, history – all within minutes of your doorstep.